Achieve cost savings and procurement flexibility

Slash your expenses and streamline your procurement with Arnold Wragg’s ‘Flex’. Zero upfront costs, flexible ordering, and next-day delivery options create a procurement strategy that’s both cost-effective and time-efficient. Our manufacturing process is not only efficient but also fully traceable, ensuring quality and accountability.

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Unlock savings with ‘Flex’ – a procurement solution tailored to your needs. Order with agility and confidence, knowing that we offer cost savings, no upfront fees, flexible ordering, next-day delivery, efficient manufacturing, and full traceability of all components.

Cost Savings
No Upfront Costs
Flexible Ordering
Next-Day Delivery
Efficient Manufacturing
Full Traceability

6 steps to a hassle-free supply chain

Contact Us

Contact Us

Start your journey by reaching out to our expert team. Simply request information about our tailored 'Flex' programs.
Provide Component Details

Provide Component Details

Share essential details with us, including your projected annual quantity and your preferred supply increment and batch size for deliveries.
Price Efficiency

Price Efficiency

Our experts will calculate the most efficient price per unit for your components. This price incorporates savings from raw materials to non-value-adding time and special process costs, all diluted over the batch size.
Bulk Manufacturing

Bulk Manufacturing

Once you place your purchase order, we swing into action. We manufacture your entire demand in bulk and store it in a dedicated location.
Flexible Delivery

Flexible Delivery

Your components will be dispatched according to your specific requirements throughout the contract duration, whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on a bespoke schedule.
Adjust to Your Needs

Adjust to Your Needs

Should your demand change, don't worry. Our 'Flex' Program adapts. We can bring items forward or hold them back, ensuring your supply remains efficient and lean.
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Ready to save costs and speed-up procurement?

With ‘Flex’, benefit from a procurement strategy that delivers savings and adapts to your evolving demands. Embrace a cost-effective, responsive supply chain solution.

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