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Introducing Arnold Wragg Flex...

Introducing Arnold Wragg Flex...

In these uncertain times the Arnold Wragg “Flex” gives our client’s the ultimate flexibility when choosing us to enter your supply chain.


The system works loosely on a Kanban supply with flexible quantities at flexible intervals being delivered to our clients within a 24 hour window.  This service enables our clients to pick and choose when they need their components supplied to them only being invoiced for quantity of parts delivered.


If demand changes simply change your delivery dates, Arnold Wragg Flex will be as flexible as you need to be 


We do this by manufacturing in the entire order up front at no upfront cost to you which ensures not only do you receive the very best prices as this is the most cost effective way of ordering from us but also that your full order requirement is available ready and waiting for you to make that call.


Flex is a new completely flexible way of buying, what it does is enable our clients to order with confidence by placing their full forecasted order for components 

With Arnold Wragg Flex just one call can have your components manufactured and stored at our premises at 0 up front costs to you and available on next day delivery at your request, any quantity full CoC traceability 

Arnold Wragg Flex is directly aimed at ensuring the highest degree of flexibility when inviting us into your supply chain


To find out more please contact our sales team and ask for a “flex” quotation at your earliest convenience


Arnold Wragg Flex

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